Volkswagen offered $2,000 to its customers last month to blunt the impact of its diesel emissions scandal, but the Volkswagen brand sold just 74 more cars in October than it did a year ago. VW other brands, Audi and Porsche, saw little impact because the scandal mostly affected four cylinder diesels in Volkswagens. Audi sales rose 17 percent in October, while Porsche rose 11 percent..

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The only problem with Californians is they’re too spoiled by the weather. In New York, you could sell a hotdog on a rainy day, but not china jerseys here. It’s a good thing there are so many gorgeous days, am I right?” Oh, and one more thing. Bert and Ernie, the policeman and taxi driver, respectively, from a Wonderful Life at Bedford Falls, always have trouble parallel parking or backing into trash cans. So, Rudolf informs us that both will receive the Peak Wireless Back up Safety Camera this Christmas that works on the older cars and trucks. Easy to install with just one rear taillight splice, Peak cameras start at $28.95 for the 2.4 inch monitor and then go all the way up to a 7.0 inch color display.

The first thing to notice here is that the 6200 supports either a 64 bit or 128 bit memory bus, and as far as NVIDIA is concerned, they are not going to be distinguishing cards equipped with either a 64 bit or 128 bit memory configuration. While NVIDIA insists that they cannot force their vendor partners to distinguish the two card configurations apart, we’re more inclined to believe that NVIDIA simply would like all 6200 based cards to be known as a GeForce 6200, regardless of whether or not they have half the memory bandwidth. NVIDIA makes a “suggestion” to their card partners that they should add the 64 bit or 128 bit designation somewhere on their boxes, model numbers or website, but the suggestion goes no further than just being a suggestion..

The advantage to the Mariners’ losing record is tickets are always available. Buying cheap seats at the box office could put you over the $25 threshold and eating anything other than a mustard packet inside Safeco definitely will. But if you’re smart and talkative, there’s a very good chance you can go there with $20 and get two tickets from fans trying to unload extra seats at the last minute.