Scott talking to David Carr about those strange, supposed fossils called alt weeklies. It takes a certain suspension of disbelief to watch two critics from a daily newspaper talk about how alt weeklies are becoming outdated because they’ve been replaced by the Internet, but whatever. David Carr worked for Washington City Paper and thinks The Stranger is awesome, so we humored their New York Times ness and watched it anyway.. American bank stocks don’t look as bruised as London based Barclays, which lost more than one third of its value in the first two days after the Brexit results. Royal Bank of Scotland and other European banks are also down sharply, despite rallying on Tuesday. Banks are extremely well capitalized and can withstand far more damage than in 2011. Of course there were no “camp wars” but rather a series of intermittent slaughters of mainly unarmed civilians between 1985 88, allegedly to prevent the return of the PLO under Arafat’s leadership, until then Hezbollah spokesman, Subhi al Tufayli (later Secretary General between 1989 92) and others stepped in and demanded thatPresident Hafez Assad of Syria put an end to the killing, declaring that Hezbollah was prepared to send fighters to defend the Palestinian camps. One can imagine what Palestinian families, nearly all of whom lost a relative at the hand of their Arab brothers, feel today about those smiling “solidarity” faces as they walk their children to school. Just seeing them nfl jerseys china plastered on poles and walls, is for this observer, enraging and the equivalent of seeing Ariel Sharon’s or Rafael Eitan’s bill boarded mugs inside Shatila camp.. Since 1997, the Maine Affiliate of Susan G. Komen For the Cure has worked tirelesslytoward the goal of ending breast cancer. The Bangor Race for the Cure is the original Race for Maine! Raise money, awareness, and support for women (and men) undergoing treatment for breast cancer and for survivors. Needless to say, the second movie on the list of top takings at the box office was very far behind with just $24.4 million. For a budget of $160 million, that’s pretty poor going for ‘Warcraft’, but thankfully it’s doing much better overseas. cheap nfl jerseys So far its scooped $300 million in global revenue including $144 million in China.. Longtime dentists report that, two decades ago, there were only about a dozen dentists and the village drew only the occasional visitor looking for cheap trinkets or R rated pastimes. Rose and Arizona began drawing retirees titanium spork and snowbirds, more foreign visitors began coming for dental care. The boom began in the late 1990s as dental offices began displacing cheap bars known as cantinas.