UC Berkeley, along with many other universities and community colleges, operates on a two tiered faculty system. Tenured and tenure track faculty have regular positions with benefits and protections for academic freedom. They are mostly white men. Goodness, the main dining room at Le Pont de la Tour can feel romantic: two seated tables by the window seem to shut out everyone else, although you’ll still feel the room’s golden glimmer, the food is fine dining French fare, they pour large glasses of wine (full credit to them) and the view is Tower Bridge, lit up magnificently in whites and blues. Though benefitting from a recent update, which gave the place a little personality, Le Pont isn’t striving for quirky modern food or quirky modern dining: everything is proudly about good old fashioned pleasure. The seared fois gras, as a starter, is gloriously simple, and simply glorious, while the veal sweetbreads are a must for a main.

The Liberal platform included I counted 325 promises. Their declared policy is not to Wholesale NFL Jerseys say no as often as the Conservatives. But the result of not saying no nearly enough is what we experienced in the 1970s and 1980s: federal debt that rose apparently without limit, federal deficits that were always supposed to come down but instead always went up.

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The grin on his face that day was almost as big as that thing he lugged home. For my adventurous kids, who always found treasures along the road (like the “Girls Gone Wild” videotape second eldest discovered during a Student Council Highway Cleanup), obtaining this hunk of metal was like winning the lottery. And it will be my housewarming gift to whichever one of them gets their own place first.

The 2012 MHGP tour began last weekend in Baltimore and continues today (May 5) with a tour of houses in St. Mary’s County. Next weekend, the tour stops in Talbot County on May 12, and the final weekend brings tourists to Howard County on May 19 and ends, May 20, in Anne Arundel County..

But before you go dipping into that bottle of finely aged tharra that grandma brought back from her trip to India during her days as a high school floozy, there’s something you should know. Unlike other spirits, whiskey for example, tharra doesn’t benefit from aging. In fact, let it sit wholesale jerseys long enough and it turns from barely consumable alcohol into full on poison.