can’t stop laughing at her last Google searchWe could all learn a thing or two from this woman after her search was described as the ‘cutest thing ever’ Share Comments17:35, 14 JUN 2016Updated21:07, cheap oakley sunglasses14 JUN 2016At least she knew to look for it on Google (Photo: REX/Shutterstock) Share CommentsGet daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailWe live in a world where we can find information at the click of a button.Can’t quite remember the name of the lead actor in that film you watched last week? Google it. Don’t know who won the 1970 World Cup? Ask Jeev. Well, you’d probably Google that, too.But when you search for something online, it’s best to stick to the essential keywords.One grandson opened his nan’s laptop and discovered the last thing she had searched for on Google then couldn’t stop laughing.We’ll say one thing for her, she’s very polite.She could teach youngsters a thing or two about manners after ensuring she said ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to Google.

We were getting nervous. We knew the boys driving were scouting the road ahead, and maybe on their own initiative. Anton, the most experienced journalist in the group, mumbled something about it being risky. Oakley has been hounded by a federal lawsuit and accusations of abuse in the past. The facility is under a federal court monitor as part of an agreement in a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union in 2005. The state’s other juvenile correction center, Columbia Training School for girls, was shut down in February 2008..

It could have been one of the reasons why they were able to devote so much time to monument building. Also clear that they had plenty of willing hands and strong backs to put to the cause. Estimates of Orkney population in Neolithic times run as high as 10,000 half the number of people who live there today no doubt helps account for the density of archaeological sites in the islands.

That’s exactly the degree of self knowledge and self accusation the disgraced hero can manage, as we see repeatedly in Alex Gibney’s tormented documentary “The Armstrong Lie.” Armstrong is smart enough to detect a certain self defeating arrogance in himself: His “dumb ass” ignored the symptoms of testicular cancer until it was almost too late, he tells Gibney at one point, and his dumb ass also tried to reconquer the world’s most famous bicycle race, four years after its organizers thought they were finally rid of him. In other words, Armstrong judges his own tactics as harshly as necessary. But it would never occur to him to question his strategy, which has always been to win at all costs..