Her appreciation for thrifting deepened as she developed a passion for swing dancing her freshman year of college. “It is the love of my life,” Ballhagen professes. “I’ve always liked to dance I took ballet when I was little, and I did step team in high school, but swing dancing just clicked as something I could really grow in because it’s a social dance.

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I understand your position and agree that you don’t want to enable their bad habits. Giving a drunk a drink is never a good idea. But this is family we’re talking about. One week these people will eat 75 pounds of bananas; another week they’ll only eat 15. So you do have to keep feeling it out as you go because you don’t want any waste. And I do like to rely on some local foods to give a natural mix up to the menu.

Free admission. The two previously wrote The New York Times picture best seller “Wild About Books.” Brown is the creator of the popular Arthur the aardvark children’s book series and television show. Saturday, Sept. Beshear said last week that he would expand Medicaid if he concludes the state can afford it. Hoover, before the court decision, had been talking about the possibility of Republicans gaining control of the House in the November elections. Few people took him seriously.