He said he’d just returned home from a long trip. I asked him where he’d been. “Cabo,” he responded. By the time I got to f/16, I was seeing crummy, blurry, muddy crap. F/18 through f/22 are nigh unusable. Schneider criticism was not universally embraced, however.

The sheriff says any legit salesperson will have a business card with a phone number to reach them in case of such problems. He says if someone gets nervous when you ask for one, you should be very nervous to hire them. And if they keep pushing, saying their deal is only good for one day, the sheriff says that should raise a big red flag.

Hence, it is important that you must give due consideration to certain important things before you make a buying decision. In most cases, he will tell you that he wants to shift to another town or is interested in trying out some other business. Don’t depend on what he tells you, and investigate on your own to find the real reason.

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