23 of 26,160 cartons of Signal brand cigarettes and cigars, and 72 bags of Signal brand pipe tobacco, worth more than $2 million. The Signal shipment, which involved a bill of lading showing it was heading for a Nebraska reservation and was purchased from a federally licensed Mohawk company, was aboard a bonded common carrier. The tractor trailer was stopped at a routine border patrol checkpoint.

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Building projects will have to wait a while as a result of that last minute change. Social service representatives say they’re just relieved that their services weren’t sacrificed to appease the business community. “Our community and the people in it are really hurting now and there are more and more people who are applying and needing the services that all of us provide,” says Kris Knabb who is the Executive Director of Legal Services of North Florida which provides legal aid to indigent people.

“Last night I heard a different voice. It’s a very thick voice I heard him, it’s not my kids,” said Ngawang Gyaltsen, a Madison father whose baby we overheard using a cheap device from a second hand store from down the street. In the same neighborhood we also overheard phone calls and adults chatting outside babies’ bedrooms..

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